OS2 Project: Optimizing STEM Students


  • Are you interested in increasing the retention rates of your STEM program?
  • Do you desire to improve the success rates of students taking general chemistry and/or calculus at your institution?
  • Could professional development training of STEM faculty that provides tools to teach to the cognitive and affective learning domains be effective?


The OS2 Project is an innovative holistic approach to STEM education that teaches to both the cognitive and affective learning domains. Many students that transition from high school to college have a difficult time moving from memorization and pattern recognition of science and math content to conceptualization. Moreover, students’ attitude or mindset about their ability to be successful as a student of science, can have a major impact on their outcomes. The OS2 Project is based on a conceptual model of three areas: intellectual and emotional self-awareness and balance.


Trained instructors facilitate a process for students to gain insight into how they respond in the three major areas, while using the learning of math and science concepts as the platform for self-discovery.


Session I: June 3rd through June 7th